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Triol ita

What is it?

Triol Interactive Technology Assistant (ITA) is an innovative universal technology developed by Triol Corporation that has no analogues in the automation market. It is a unique product designed for a real-time monitoring and control of the equipment over the remote locations. With help of Triol ITA it is possible to join all the remote equipment elements into one centralized system. Thus, the ITA technology greatly simplifies data control of the enterprise and automatically generates data reports - of the whole system or of any select equipment.

Triol ita

What is the effect of implementation?

Real-time on-line monitoring and parameter adjustment of the VSD

Safety and uninterrupted operation of the technological process

Reduction of errors caused by improper actions of personne

Remote “start – stop” of the equipment

Whole system key-parameter (electric and technical) monitoring

Graph generation of archived data of chosen parameters

Export data to a local computer as a *csv file for viewing in Excel

Create summary data user tables – of select units or of the whole

Triol ita

How does it work?

The software and hardware package works on 3 levels


WEB service with an self-explanatory user interface that allows you to monitor the actual system status, to control devices remotely and to generate reports and trends for selected parameters. You get both manual and automated control to keep the equipment functionality at the optimum level. Triol ITA as ypur personal assistant gives recommendations based on generated data reports of any complicity.


Both local and cloud servers are available. This combination provides data exchange between routers and top-level application, information accessibility control (differentiation of rights), collecting, storage and information managing in the database.


The “heart” of Triol ITA is Triol MT01 router to which RS485 devices and remote I/O modules are connected. The transmission of collected information is carried out both wirelessly through GPRS/3G channel, and by a wire channel through the Ethernet port.

Triol ita

Areas of application

Local automatization (burglar alarm control, fire alarm signalling, VSD control according to the specified algorithms) Inclusion in SCADA of the enterprise level (at the level of reconciliation of requests, preliminary data processing, intermediate storage of data, maintenance of the own archive)

Remote workplace (operator, supervisor, engineer) providing control, management, warnings about the occurrence of a pre-emergence, emergency situation or the need for repair or maintenance work.

Implementing Triol ITA in Oil extraction allows you to monitor online the current state of the controlled object and resolve identified problems without visiting to this object.

Triol ita

provides the
following functions

Access rights differentiation by means of authorization in the WEB service

Displaying of the products list with reference to objects

System generates graphs automatically for each well, according to received data

System of alerts: visual and mobile (e-mail, sms)

Integration of the control system with outboard sensors; ability to integrate additional equipment / well sites

Display of the report according to set parameters

Vast data storage and momentary access to the data

Automatic problem solving recommendations

Graphical output of the archive data on the selected electrical and process parameters

Exporting data from the server to the local computer as a csv file provides the possibility of further viewing in Excel

Construction of user-specific summary tables both for objects and for the whole system

Alarm and pre-alarm signalling of parameter output over the set thresholds

Data mining of the object and products status in order to prevent malfunctions during industrial process

Triol ita

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